Freenom a fraudulent company: Read This First and Decide

looking forward creating your own professional blog but its bend on the problem of having a custom domain. then you definitely ought to worry no extra. Below tips will guide you through on things you should do and additionally regarding the issue of using freenom free domain or getting a paid domain for your blog.

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Ever heard of freenom. Does that name sound new to you, Any way am going to tell you what exactly freenom is and also why you should and should not use their free domain instead get a custom domain for your self.

What is Freenom?

Freenom is simply a site offering free domains exmaply .ga, .tk, .ml and so on. They give you one year free domain plan, in which you purchase a domain for one year without paying a dim, sounds cool right, Am sure you are enthusiastic about this news, i used to be when I first heard about it, and you realize what I did then, I quickly purchased a domain name from them and map it to my BlogSpot blog. You know why because I was ea-gal to get rid of the on my domain.

What Happens after One Year of Free Domain?

obviously you had been waiting for free renewal after twelve months considering that its not .com. Hmm, the case is one of a kind here. After one year you’re anticipated to pay for domain renewal that is if you still want to stick with them, No fee is expected if you decided to cancel or use another domain reseller.

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But there is a way you could get over it and renewal you domain for another one year all for free. I know you are eagal to hear more on that. Briefly  I will quickly summarize that on the next paragraph.

Renew Freenom free Domain for free after one year of initial Register

Getting freenom domain renewal free after one year of initial register is simply very easy. All you need to do is simply delete and cancel your domain then re-register it again that’s all. It’s simply right, ohh yes it is. Hold on!!!. Do not be in a hurry ok. Just read these pieces of info below to find out reason why do not recommend you use them but get a paid domain.

Do free things last?

Hmm. I do not think so but some people believe it does. the reality is that each thing has its own gain and downside.. But on the actually sense free things does not last, tend to cost more harm than good.

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Below are some of the things you need to know about freenom free domain and also my experience an a lot of other peoples experience with them. And also why you should not use freenom free domain.

Is Freenom Free domain  actually free

They actually present themselves as been legit while they are not. Many people of come to me with complaint on how their freenom free domain were been redirected. whenever they go to their site, got redirected to a different site entirely.

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I also experience same thing. and lots of them was actually a domain i purchased for free on freenom free domain. Not up to six months they sold off lots of my domains which i registered on their platform. Read below reason why they sell off your domain for no good reason.

They will sell of your Domain (Find out Why)

When you register a domain on freenom free domain, which is a year free before renewment. What they does during the first year while your domain is still registered on their platform is to wait for your domain to fully gain exposure and good DA which is Domain Authority and also PA which is obviously your Page Authority.

when we create a brand new weblog. what next, we love to boom its traffic and additionally audience outreach. With good organic visitors from SERP. And then what they do next is to sell off your domain, surprise right. That is exactly what they do once they see that your domain is gradually gaining exposure with good DA and PA.

Leaving you devastated. when asked questions they go ahead to put up stories, they wait for you to work while they rep.

They do not Resell Domains with low DA, PA and Alexa Ranking.

When we create a new blog. what next, we love to increase its traffic and also audience outreach. With good organic traffic from search engines. Which is why we build quality backlinks and also massive campaigns on social media by sharing our posts on various Groups.

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This practice helps increase weblog Alexa Rankig and Domain DA and PA. Giving us solid advantage over competitors on Google ranking.

If your domain does not meet their criteria. which are.

Good Alexa Ranking

Domain Authority

Page Authority

Quality Backlinks

and so on.

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Which will time you will attain depending on your level of seriously. If creating a site for experiment then i can recommend them. If starting of a Blog either professional or non professional then i advise you get a paid domain or stick with sub domain until you are able to get a custom domain.

What is the way out?

Getting a custom Paid domain is the way out be rest assured of the protection of your domain. do not forget, you can also get a custom domain for as low as $0.48 on Namecheap. With full 24/7 custom support, and rest assured of domain safety. see below:

Domain names for just 88 cents!

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