speed up wp load time How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

 How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

When I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. They were only a few things which I was so concerned about and one of them is to Speed up My WordPress site loading speed and also for better conversion and readers comfort. Your site loading speed affects everything on weblog.

Just take for instance when the server is overloaded and the browser is not well informed of which script are relevant to load and the once that are not to ignore in other to improve site load time.  Cause of which it goes ahead to load all script on weblog both the relevant and non-relevant. Making weblog extremely slow. Which is not good for our site SEO and also audience engagement.

 How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

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Having experience over 2,000 visitors, visited weblog and Immediately opted out due to site loading speed is extremely slow. Those visitors in one way or the other are meant to not only to read weblog publish but also convert to revenue. Which is why the browser needs to be informed of those relevant scripts to load and the once to ignore and load later after our readers have fully opted into the weblog.

Which is why we shall be Looking at today How to Speed up WordPress Site Loading Speed for better conversion and also help boost weblog SEO and search engines ranking.

METHODE 1: Optimize WordPress DataBase

Note: Before you start meddling with the Database, Make sure that you create a Backup.

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Navigate to Databases category
  3. Open phpMyAdmin
  4. Choose your WordPress database on the left side
  5. Scroll down under the list of tables
  6. Click on the Check All button
  7. From the “With selected” list, choose Optimize table, SEE Image Below.

optimze wordpress database min How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

optimze wordpress database How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

Wait till the optimization process is done. And your WordPress Table is fully optimized.

METHODE 2: Using “Speed Booster Pack” WordPress Plugin

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress DashBoard

Step 2: Click on Plugins and select the option “Add New Plugins”

Step 3: Search for “Speed Booster Pack”

Step 4: Install the Plugin and Follow the option to Configure the Plugin. See Image Below.

speed up wordpress blog min How to Increase Speed of WordPress Site

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